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UW600 Distributed Control System

The hardware device of UW600 distributed control system adopts the technology of control equipment redundancy fault tolerance, performance degradation online monitoring, high adaptability intelligent module, etc,the software platform adopts multi-domain engineering object model, cluster distributed real-time database, multi-language integrated programming environment, security control and security prevention and so on;It is a high-end master control system of new generation  with high reliability, high security, high adaptability and large scale features. The control station scale:IO:1024、DIO:2048;System scale: AIO:63488、DIO:126976.

  • Full hardware redundancy fault, no single point of failure invalid;Single, multiple hardware redundancy voting,Switch time 5-50ms;
  • High adaptive intelligent module,with few types much function,software select signal type,on-line calibration,automatic compensation  of temperature excursion and time drift;
  • Intrinsic safety bus IO module series,save safety grid, isolation grid, installation space and wiring maintenance workload;
  • Full coverage diagnosis and error protection, support external line diagnosis,support fault protection of overflows, overpressure, reverse connection, misconnection etc.
  • Multi-domain engineering object model,the reconfiguration and reuse mechanism of the algorithms library in the industry,control program automatic generation,the programming efficiency increased by80%;
  • Multilingual optimization compiler,multi-user collaborative programming,online programming,simulative debugging,remote update,reduce maintenance costs;
  • Distrubuted global real-time database,the domain data is 300,000 points,drive pool,system data and external data are referenced directly;
  • Cluster distributed real-time database,Cluster data scale 2000-10 million,data capacity:100TB-10PB;
  • Network security control module,Support security control and security prevention,realize reliable communication, abnormal detection, tampering, etc